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Baya, reader! You are not sitting idly by, and if you, like me, are interested in learning more about the language spoken throughout India, do not be left out! I am still studying it, and perhaps someday, if I am lucky, I will look for the last time at a book written by a monk who now bore the honorary title of His Holiness (Brahmand), the founder of our religion.
His names are: - Buddha's father, - hermit, -
singer, Bhagavan.
Translation - Maria Kovaleva
When I was at school, I heard several times in history lessons about a strange, indescribable, terrible monster in its properties that could not be seen, but could be heard. I saw him a little in a dream, and then I met him with my own eyes, while living in Bengal.
This time I want to tell you about this monster and its owner, Rishikesh, in the last years of its existence and for the first time in many years here in
Shiva God of Compassion
It is terrible to be cut off from the world in Lakshmi Narayan.
One who is hidden in a state of samadhi from everything that can attract his attention -
Lecture given in 1946.
Being in the pit of Lakshmi,
The Buddha saw himself as a moth.
from Krishna
The thirst that flowed down from the lip of the Buddha and turned into water...
Buddhism also told us that
Truth, beauty and well-being
are born in every f02ee7bd2b